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Farsight GreenTec

Providing independent renewable energy advice throughout Scotland


Terms Of  Business

No chargeable work done without prior agreement.

Work to be done agreed in writing using a project description sheet.

Traveling time is chargeable plus mileage charge (both based on an internet-based calculation system, eg. Google Maps) or public transport fares as per receipts. Whenever possible, train travel time will be used for report preparation to reduce the overall fee.

Our Fees

Fees for our services will be based on the time required plus expenses but these, and details of the work to be carried out, will be agreed in advance of work commencing. Whilst subsequent variations to the work specification, and corresponding changes to the fee, may be agreed by both parties, no charges will be made which have not been agreed in advance (except in exceptional circumstances as set out in our terms of business).

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Tradunnock, MAYBOLE, Ayrshire, Scotland, KA19 7SE

email:  enquiries@farsightgt.co.uk