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whether you are just evaluating your current system or close to committing to a purchase, you should invest first in the services of an independent energy adviser. This will remove the risk of making the wrong choice and provide reassurance.


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Why Use FGT?

It is predicted that within the lifetime of a new boiler, convergence of world oil demand and supply will result in a sharp increase in inflation and particularly fuel costs, with knock-on effects on energy security.

This added to the accelerating effects of climate change will inevitably drive governments to encourage saving of fossil energy and penalise its over-use by fiscal and other means.

The introduction of Energy Performance Certificates for buildings will affect property values, with energy efficiency-related variations growing over time and buyers and tenants seeking out homes with lower running costs.

Resulting from all the above, pay-back times on energy-efficiency measures and renewable energy microgeneration systems are shrinking.

The market for renewable energy systems is fast-growing but is fairly impenetrable by non-specialists. Quality of advice and pricing are very variable. Fortunes are being made and lost and the customer is in a very vulnerable position.

    Government-funded bodies such as the Energy Saving Scotland Advice Centre network, the Energy Saving Trust and the Carbon Trust can provide basic and generic advice. However except for larger businesses, detailed, genuinely independent site-specific advice is hard to find but is important and valuable.

In the past, the choice of methods for heating and powering a building was limited and simply made. However with the arrival of a great variety of renewable energy options it is now broad and complicated.

The most cost-effective arrangement for a particular building will involve some combination of insulation and draft-proofing measures, heat recovery, gas, oil, wood (logs, chips or pellets), heat pump (ground, air or water-source), solar (thermal or photovoltaic), micro-hydro or small-scale wind.

The suitability of the myriad combinations of these systems is very site-sensitive. The difference in the capital cost and the payback between the right and the wrong choice can be huge a fast payback or no payback!

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